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Personal with Pope   Submit   LOVE is my only religion. I am NOT a girl that can be defined. I refuse to let them box me in. I wont allow anyone to rape my gifts. Evolving from who I thought I should be to who I am Supposed to be. I am created in the image of The Most High, therefore I am the Light the Illuminates


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    I don’t need for you to be an independent woman and I don’t wanna be an independent man but if we can get along and laugh and talk and have sex, dream and laugh and talk and still like each other then maybe just maybe we can depend on each other.

    I don’t need for you to wear red lipstick or lip gloss or face dust, I like your face just fine as it is.

    I don’t need for you to paint your nails or wear fake ones, I think they look kinda silly.

    I don’t need to see your cleavage or your thighs, I’m still gettin’ over your eyes and your smile and I don’t need anymore distractions.

    I don’t need, in fact I don’t want, you to sit a certain way or talk like this or walk like a supermodel.

    I don’t need you to lose weight.

    I do need stimulating conversation. It’s like Dead Prez said, I need mind sex.

    I do need to laugh with you, I do need to dream with you, I do need to be able to be honest with you.

    Maybe I’m gettin’ old but I’m finding that when you get to know women vertically they can be incredibly interesting, inspiring creatures; watchin’ you work, watchin’ you think, watchin’ you eat,

    Maybe I’m gettin’ old but I can’t be bothered to follow my d*ck around everywhere. I’m happy here and to be honest I just ain’t got the energy.

    Maybe I’m gettin’ old but I feel like it’s ok to be vulnerable, to be upset, to admit I ain’t the biggest, baddest, strongest man on the planet and sometimes I feel inadequate.


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      I don’t need for you to be an independent woman and I don’t wanna be an independent man but if we can get along and...
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